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From Europe to Asia to Africa to South America, AmaWaterways carefully curates our river cruise itineraries, ensuring a variety of unforgettable and enriching experiences that connect you to the history, culture, gastronomy and people in every destination we visit. We are delighted to share with you some featured itineraries for our current and upcoming sailing seasons – all of which are now available for reservations. Discover river cruising with AmaWaterways and find your sailing today.

Pictured: Les Andelys in Normandy, France


Countries: France, Spain

Rivers: Garonne, Dordogne, Seine, Rhône, Saône

Ships: AmaDolce, AmaDante, AmaLyra, AmaKristina, AmaCello

From the legendary wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Côtes du Rhône to historic châteaux to the exceptional worlds of artists such as Monet and Van Gogh, AmaWaterways’ river cruises on the Seine, Rhône, Saône, Garonne and Dordogne rivers will help you discover your joie de vivre. Say bonjour to France on one of eight incredible itineraries–including our new-for-2025 14-night Grand Seine & Bordeaux and Grand Seine & Rhône itineraries.  

Pictured: Douro Valley, Portugal


Countries: Portugal, Spain

River: Douro

Ships: AmaDouro, AmaVida, AmaSintra (2025)

Renowned for its rich culture, inspiring art and architecture, unspoiled natural scenery, enticing cuisine and Port wine, Portugal has been a popular tourist destination for centuries. And there’s no better way to discover its heart than from the river that breathes life into its Old-World villages and picturesque cities: the Douro.

Pictured: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

Ships: AmaBella, AmaCerto, AmaLucia, AmaMora, AmaPrima, AmaSerena, AmaSiena

Belgium and the Netherlands sit below sea level and encompass the land around the Rhine Delta and the North Sea. Countless dam-controlled canals crisscross these countries, protecting the idyllic scenery – from cows grazing in the pasture to iconic windmills – from flooding. As your ship sails along these waterways, you’ll also experience some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.

Pictured: Moselle River Loop, Germany


Countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland

Ships: AmaCerto, AmaLucia, AmaMora, AmaPrima, AmaSiena

The fairytale Rhine River is renowned for its UNESCO-designated Rhine Gorge, where more than 40 historic castles line the riverbanks. Its two main tributaries are the Moselle River, the “best-kept secret” in river cruising, which flows past dramatic vineyard-clad landscapes and medieval towns, and the Main River, which cuts through storybook villages and is home to the impressive Main-Danube Canal.

Pictured: Durnstein, Austria


Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic (by land), Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia

Ships: AmaBella, AmaCerto, AmaLea, AmaMagna, AmaSonata, AmaVerde, AmaViola

Journey through thousands of years of storied history, where castles were built, and kings and queens were crowned. The quintessential experience for first-time river cruisers, the Danube River has inspired countless artists and musicians for centuries. Our river cruises take you to grand capitals and charming villages alike – and invite you to find your own inspiration on this legendary waterway.

Pictured: Angkor Thom, Cambodia


Countries: Cambodia, Vietnam

River: Mekong

Ship: AmaDara

Cruise the Mekong River along this fabled waterway through Vietnam and Cambodia, gliding past flourishing forests, lush green hills and colorful stilt houses. Our river cruise and land adventures also allow you to witness the majesty of breathtaking sites such as the Angkor Archaeological Complex, Ha Long Bay and even Bangkok’s Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Pictured: Chobe National Park, Africa


Countries: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe

River: Chobe

Ship: Zambezi Queen

Africa’s Chobe River supports a diversity and concentration of wildlife unparalleled anywhere else on the continent. Our Africa itineraries pair a unique cruise on this waterway with luxurious land and safari programs that include the UNESCO-designated Victoria Falls, stays at authentic wildlife lodges, unforgettable safaris through national parks and more.

Pictured: Nile River, Egypt


Country: Egypt

River: Nile

Ship: AmaDahlia and AmaLilia (2024)

Discover the land of pharaohs and pyramids on a Nile River cruise and land adventure through Egypt. From the impressive Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx to an exclusive excursion to the Tomb of Nefertari, join AmaWaterways aboard the stunning AmaDahlia or AmaLilia to uncover the many mysteries and secrets that have shaped Egypt’s past and continue to influence its future.

Pictured: Magdalena River, Colombia


Countries: Colombia, Panama

River: Magdalena

Ships: AmaMagdalena, AmaMelodia

We invite you to be a part of our next chapter as we proudly become the first river cruise line to explore the magnificent Magdalena River, beginning January 2025. Experience the vibrant culture, astonishing natural beauty and distinctive flavors of Colombia on one of two unforgettable itineraries as you sail through the “Land of a Thousand Rhythms.”

Pictured: Vineyard, Bordeaux, France


Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic (by land), Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain

Rivers: Garonne, Dordogne, Seine, Rhône, Douro, Danube, Moselle, Main, Rhine

Ships: Most European ships

Join AmaWaterways on a Celebration of Wine River Cruise through Europe. Guided by a wine expert from North America or Europe, you will enjoy an enhanced epicurean experience in iconic wine regions from France's Bordeaux to Austria's Wachau Valley, Germany's Moselle, Portugal's Douro Valley and beyond.


For 2024
Flavors of Burgundy

Embark on a journey that caters to discerning tastes and highlights the decadent French flavors throughout the Burgundy region. Enjoy crisp wine tastings in beautiful destinations such as Seurre, Tournus, Mâcon and Lyon.

AmaLilia on the Nile

Our stunning AmaLilia is a true treasure of the Nile. AmaLilia will carry you through Egypt in style with the luxurious amenities and exclusive experiences only AmaWaterways provides.

Portugal: Extended Crusing Season

Discover the magic of Portugal on our Enticing Douro itinerary as we cruise into November and December. Enjoy some of Europe’s mildest winter temperatures during guided hikes and wine tastings.

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